Alessio Petino


Coffee Table on Research Cooperation with China in the Industrial Sector (with focus on SMEs, Start-ups

Alessio Petino is the Knowledge Coordinator of the EU SME Centre in Beijing, where he coordinates reports, training and technical assistance to European small and medium-sized enterprises. Previously, Alessio worked on various EU-funded projects in China, covering areas such as China’s research & innovation policy, high-tech zones, the EU-China R&I co-funding mechanism, and Chinese government R&I incentives, grants and subsidies - including NKPs, Megaprojects, and similar programmes at district, municipal and provincial levels. Alessio has formulated many studies, especially for DG RTD, and contributed directly to the EU KNOC’s third discussion paper on EU-China framework conditions for R&I cooperation, which involved numerous interviews and consultations with European R&D companies in China. Alessio is also familiar with standardisation and technology transfer issues in China.

Alessio has been based in Beijing since 2011. He is fully fluent in Chinese.