About the conference

This two-day conference is set up as a forum to bring together all stakeholders of the EU-R&I Knowledge Network on China (EU-KNOC) initiative to summarize and discuss what has been achieved together during the last 15 months and explore possible ways forward. During the conference, the results of three selected current studies will be presented. SFIC representatives will provide an overview on the work process of SFIC to endorse recommendations of the Core China Group at ERAC. The key topic “Risk Assessment of International Cooperation” will be further examined in a panel discussion. Questions that will be addressed are: What has EU-KNOC achieved at European, national and institutional level? Which recommendations for action have been implemented in concrete terms? How and with what focus should the initiative be continued?

Background Information on EU-KNOC

The Service Facility EU-KNOC was launched in June 2020 by the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission and the Strategic Forum for International Cooperation (SFIC) and is being implemented by a consortium consisting of DLR, Intrasoft, Teamwork, Technopolis and ZSI. EU-KNOC brings together working level representatives of the EU member states’ STI and education ministries through the Core China Group (CCG) as well as external experts to tackle thematic issues related to R&I policy towards China and to promote a common response.